Monday, May 19, 2008

Nothing Exciting....

Nothing too exciting this week. Planted some pumpkins and mowed the yard. Working on getting a drip irrigation system installed so I'm researching that and working on getting the supplies. It will be a couple weeks before I can work on getting it installed though. Been busy at work and not much else going on. That's about it for now!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Taking off work to work!

Well, I took a day off work Friday to go down to the land and finish planting. I actually drove down on Thursday night and got up at 7 Friday morning and worked pretty much nonstop until 7 that evening and then hauled home.

I got the big field planted although I'm not sure how well it is going to turn out. It was almost 6 weeks from when I hired my neighbor to disc it for me until I finally got the last of it planted and some of the stuff I planted 2 weeks ago had either been washed out by the big rains or somehow still wasn't germinated because there were several places where the sorghum hadn't come up yet. The red ripper peas looked like they had come up pretty good for the most part though. I'm not going to replant so we will see how it turns out I guess.

Here is a picture of the tractor about 1/2 way done with planting. The weeds that you see in the picture really aren't that bad, it just looks that way from this angle. It wasn't a perfect seed bed though by any means.

Here is a wide angle view showing how big the field really is. The tractor is still in the picture if you squint hard enough you can see it!

Here are some pictures of the winter wheat, oats, triticale and winter pea mix that I planted last fall. We had a pretty dry winter but it is looking okay. I don't think many of the winter peas made it, mostly it is triticale with wheat next then oats. This is a 2 acre field in the foreground with a 13 acre field behind the tree line in the distance.

Here is a closeup of one of the better looking spots.

The triticale is a blue green color and that is why it doesn't look as green as you would think.

The bad news is that the tractor is leaking diesel fuel again. After the last time taking it apart I am regretting it already and am not happy that it seems like they did a poor job fixing it so that is going to take another 8 hours or so of my time to pull it all apart again to get the tank fixed again. I'm debating whether I should just break down and buy a new tank but at $500 vs $50 for the repair I am still on the fence.

Other than that things are going pretty well. Mother's Day went very well and Cathy got the day off of watching Eli on Saturday and most of Sunday as well.

Eli is growing like a weed. I posted a bunch of pictures of him in the photo gallery on our website.

That's about it for now.


Monday, May 5, 2008

An uneventful weekend. (Well somewhat eventful)

Well, this weekend turned out to be pretty uneventful, especially compared to last weekend.

During the week, we went to a conference in Laughlin, Nevada and by the end of the trip we were all pretty sleep deprived (Eli didn't sleep very well in the hotel room) and we were very ready to get home.

We traveled back to Lubbock with my niece and her two sons and got home around 11pm Thursday night and then on Friday afternoon celebrated my Mom's 80th birthday at my sisters house. I forgot the camera so no pictures of that but it was very nice and all of my Mom's sisters got together and that was nice.

On Saturday I played taxi running people to the airport and then just crashed at the house that afternoon. Sunday was uneventful and I got a good nap in and then processed the pig that had been on ice on the back porch all week.

Nothing too exciting, I need to get back to the land sometime this week to finish planting.

That's it for now.