Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Montana Vacation #1.

Well, it's been a month since I posted so I guess I should update this a little bit.

Been trying to keep up the work out schedule to get in shape and actually got a 6.5 mile run in a couple weeks ago. Didn't keep it at a 10 minute pace, but but overall was pretty happy with my progress.  Spent a week in Montana and got in 35 miles of hiking with 14 miles one day.  Still liking the runkeeper app for my iPhone, really nice using it to keep track of my runs and hikes.  No blisters on my feet with my boots that I bought last year either!

It is amazing how much snow is still on the ground up there, especially since things have been so hot and dry down here in Texas.

Here's a few scenery shots from my hikes in Montana.  Lot's of snow still on the mountains!
The 14 mile hike was to a cave that we've been exploring over the last few years.  Out of the 700 feet or so of passages that I've mapped, only about 75 feet of them were accessible due to the water running through with the heavy snow melt.  Was interesting to see it with that much water though, maybe we'll find some new spots when we go back in August.

Here's the entrance to the cave.
Lots of water flowing this year.
In the end I got plenty of exercise and saw lots of pretty scenery.  Something that is severely lacking in my part of Texas.
The snow was so heavy it broke the roof on this old mining shack.
Still a TON of snow on the Beartooth pass!
We had a VERY enjoyable trip and were not ready to come home.  Coming home over the Beartooth pass it was 44 degrees at 1:00PM local time.  When we got home the next day the temperature topped out at 112 degrees at the house!  Quite a change!

Still praying for rain and not getting much.  I did make it down to the hunting land and got some work done down there.  I'll make another post on that.

That's it for now.  Nathan