Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Boone and Crockett Elk!!

Okay, after a somewhat nerve wracking morning with the official scorer here in Lubbock, I now have an official score on my bull. It was close, but he made it! 

The biggest differences were on the mass measurements, I just used a seamstress tape and just measured about where it looked like it would be the smallest. He used the official 1/4" steel tape and went back and forth and back and forth and found the absolute smallest measurement and entered that. That is the correct way to do it, I just didn't think it would result in as much of a difference as it did.

The other decent difference was on where he drew the line on the G1s and G2's was a little less than I was measuring from and I measured along the bottom of the tine all the way around and he measured from the middle of the tine out and then out and up at the tip. That resulted in a little less length on those.

He ended up with 372 1/8 gross and 361 6/8" net when it was all said and done. Took a lot longer than I expected, close to 2 hours when it was all said and done before we had the official score sheet in ink signed off and ready to submit. I took a picture of the process, lots of masking tape, marking in pencil, measuring with the cable and then marking the end with a little clip, then measuring the cable, using the steel tape to measure the mass, etc.

Here's the official score sheet.

I listed my friend Mike as my guide because he did have his resident guide license for me to be able to hunt the wilderness area. My bull was shot very close to the boundary between national forest and the wilderness area but I figured might as well list him as my guide just to avoid any potential issues or anything, not that it would on a bull that just barely makes it.

Still pretty excited about it. Now I guess I need to actually go through the process and spend the $40 to submit it.