Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hunting season is almost here!!

Okay, the clock is ticking! Next week at this time I will be halfway through the opening day of my Wyoming elk hunt! Based on my last 3 years up there, that would mean there would be a 66% chance that I may have an elk on the ground by this time next week!!! At least I can hope!

I'm still working out, and Cathy actually worked up a workout schedule for me finally. I'm running 2 short runs (2 and 3 miles) during the week and then one longer run on the weekend (last one was 5 miles). I'm not quite to 6 miles in 60 minutes yet, but Saturday I did run 5 miles in 50 minutes!

That's a snail's pace to most "runners", but that's something I've never claimed to be, I'm just trying to get in shape. It felt good and I could have kept going at the end of the 5 miles so I think I'm ready for Wyoming. I'll keep working out after I get back and hopefully I'll be hit the 6 miles in 60 minute target that I set for myself this spring.

I shot my rifle this weekend and although it wasn't sub 1" groups or anything like that, I think I should be good for an elk out to 300 yards or so. I think I'll punch some more paper one evening this week just to make sure though.

Finalizing my last minute packing and getting things ready this week, very happy to be moving from the planning stages to actually spending some time in the woods soon!

That's it for now.  Nathan